HTML Review

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  • Explain the purpose of HTML
  • Be able to read through an HTML file and anticipate what the browser will render

Pre-work Review

Look at the HTML in the CodePen below. Using what you learned from the pre-work:

  • Make one observation about the code
  • Ask one question about the code


  • Observation: The h1 element has the content of “Kittens”
  • Question: What is happening on line X?

See the Pen HTML Review by Try Coding (@turing-trycoding) on CodePen.

Try It: Containers!

Choose a CodePen starter below and 🍴fork (copy) it to your own account. Use what you know about the elements available to you to add some content to this site!

While working through this challenge, pay attention to this programmer skill: attention to detail

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