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Part 2: Live Interview


To prepare for the interview, please ensure you have:

  • a computer with a working camera to ensure the best communication
  • a distraction-free environment

If you do not currently have a work environment conducive to a successful interview, please feel free to reschedule until you can secure the best setup for your success.


The 1:1 live interview will be held on zoom with you and a Turing alum. The interview will consist of two main components:

  • Problem Solving Challenge: You will work through a challenge to show off your communication, logical reasoning, and collaboration. There is no pre-work or prior knowledge needed to be successful in this challenge.
  • Interview Questions: During the remainder of the interview, you can expect to discuss your previous experiences, your strengths, and your motivation for pursuing a career in software development.

Problem Solving Challenge


  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! It’s less about solving the problem and more about how you communicate your thoughts and work with your interviewer. This is an effort to simulate how you might work with a partner at Turing in a remote environment.
  • You can and should ask clarifying questions and let the interviewer know if you’re stuck. Your interviewer may ask you to verbalize your thoughts if they are not following.
  • We’d like to see some self-reflection after you complete the challenge. We want you to be able to speak to what you learned and what you might do differently if given a second attempt.

Try It: Problem Solving Challenge

While we can't show you the exact challenge you'll recieve on interview day, let's look at this exercise and practice some of the tips above.

I will model solving this challenge two times. Pay attention to what communication and collaboration skills I'm displaying each time. After each attempt, let's think about the following questions:

  • What communication skills did you see?
  • What collaboration skills did you see?
  • From what you saw, what would it be like to work with me on a project?

Now that you've seen two options for approaching this problem, what are some things you can commit to doing in your interview?

Interview Questions


  • It’s important that you answer the behavioral questions directly and with examples from your previous experience. For example, if we ask you to tell us about a time where you worked on a successful team, you should answer with a specific instance and avoid only speaking in vague terms.
  • Be prepared to discuss how you align with Turing’s mission: Turing’s mission is to unlock human potential by training a diverse and inclusive student body to succeed in high fulfillment technical careers.

Try It: Interview Questions

For the following topics, think of one specific experience you could reference.

  • Successful teamwork
  • Unsuccessful/Challenging teamwork
  • Learning from failure
  • Growing in response to feedback
  • Successfully meeting a goal
  • Something you're proud of

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