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Information Sessions

Your first step to becoming a coder starts here. We will cover the important things to know as you explore this new career.

Explaining Front End, Back End, + Full Stack Application + Interview Workshop Turing Information Session
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Try Coding

These workshops will get you some hands-on experience with code. You'll get a glimpse at Front End and Back End code!

Try Coding (Ruby Focus) Try Coding (JavaScript Focus)
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Front End

The Front End is the part of the application that users see, touch, and interact with. This is the code that produces the experience in front of the user.

Weekend Workshop JavaScript for Newbies
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Back End

The Back End typically handles work like storing information in databases, manipulating that data, signing in users, etc.; it's what happens behind the scenes.

Weekend Workshop Ruby for Newbies
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Special Events

Special events are designed around a specific topic with a unique audience in mind.

LGBT Tech x Turing Code With Mezcla Black Tech Pipeline
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In these short-format workshops, participants spend 3 hours building a working project!

Lite Brite Animate a Rocket Ship