Lunch ‘n Learn Series: How the Web Works

In this series of three live, instructor-led workshops, you will get a high level understanding of how the web works and what role Back-End and Front-End Engineering play in that. This is a great series to attend if you are brand new to tech, or if you are trying to decide between Back-End and Front-End.


We are so glad you are here! To get set up…

  1. Please change your zoom name to first, last initial, pronouns (ex: Amy H. (she/her))
  2. Introduce yourself in the zoom chat - where are you calling in from?


  • Build an understanding of how the web works
  • Understand the difference between what Back-End and Front-End code does
  • Determine if coding is something you want to pursue further


All Lunch ‘n Learn Workshops will be held from 12-1pm MST on zoom. The zoom link will be shared via email and calendar invite to all registered participants 24 hours before the workshop.