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Extension Challenge

Now that we have finished our FAQ page, see if you can change the content to be a topic of interest. What do you want your FAQ page to be about? Here are some suggested topics to help you get those creative juices flowing: National Parks, Climate Change, Geography, Music, Pop Culture, or anything else you are interested in!


  • Update content to a topic of your choice.
  • Update CSS colors or fonts.
  • Implement a new feature!

Update Content

In your HTML file, update the question and answer content to reflect your new topic of choice.

Update Styles

In your CSS file, change the colors to reflect the content you chose. You can also play with other CSS properties to achieve a look that you like! If you want some guidance on color combinations, is a great tool. This article from canva also has color combinations that work well together.

Implement A New Feature

In your JavaScript file, try to add another feature.

  • Can you show the answer section on hover instead of on click?
  • Can you use another event listener to change something else on your page?
  • How would you change your app to be a true or false mini-quiz instead of FAQ?

Congratulations on your hard work today! We covered a lot of information and now you have an awesome web page to share with friends and family. Maybe you even discovered a hidden talent for coding today! 😉

Wrap Up