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Group Challenge

Now that we have finished our interactive webpage, we will work in teams to extend our learning. You will take the page you designed and update the page to build an informative webpage for a topic of interest. To prepare for this challenge when we return from lunch, please complete this survey.


You will be assigned to a new group for the challenge based on a shared interest that you and your group members chose. Each group will receive a client and specific objectives for their project. Everyone will continue to work on their own project, but you can use each other as resources. If you find something cool, share it with the rest of the group! Challenge yourself to get the most out of this experience by doing at least one of these things:

  • Volunteer to share your code (broken or working!)
  • Ask a question (Ex: How would I make this happen when the user clicks the button?)

Clients and Objectives

No peeking! Once you join your group, you’ll look together at your challenge requirements. Each group has a client closely tied to their selected topic. Your client has some specific asks for your project. Can you help them achieve their goals?!


The Aurora Animal Shelter has a record number of pets that need adoption. They need help building a landing page with compelling information about why citizens of Aurora should adopt a pet this month!


Co-Star wants you to create a page of celebrity couples and their levels of compatibility based on their signs.


The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) team is adding a team member (could be you?) and wants you to design a new “Meet the Team” page for all the cast members under the tent.


Etsy needs to redesign their “Gift Ideas” page. They want different sections for gift categories and links to the best products in those categories.

Inspirational Leaders

Your local school district is having a role model event for all the third graders. They would like a website the students can use to learn about inspirational role models.

The Environment

The UN is hosting a climate change conference. They want you to design a webpage that shows global citizens small actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Music & Reality TV

American Idol has hired you to create a landing page that features your favorite “stars” from over the years!


Your team has been hired to create a guidebook for each of your favorite spots around the world. Make a webpage that provides activities and recommendations for each location.

Stretch Ideas

Finished your webpage and want another challenge? Look into one of these ideas to take your project to the next level:


When we return to the main room, one person from each group will share what they built. Be prepared to share:

  • Your screen! We want to see your work and the topic your group was working on.
  • A challenge you encountered while completing the project.
  • A win you experienced during the work time.

Congratulations on your hard work today! We covered a lot of information and now you have an awesome web page to share with friends and family. Maybe you even discovered a hidden talent for coding today! 😉

Wrap Up