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You did it! 🎉 Thank you so much for spending your weekend with us. I hope that thinking about on your reason for why you came, you feel like this time was well-spent and you gained some new knowledge, whether that’s about code, Turing, or even yourself!

Please share about your experience, and how we can best support you moving forward, by completing this survey.

Share It!

Don’t forget to share your project with friends and family using the share link in the top right corner of your replit!

Screenshot of replit interface showing the share link in the top right corner

Bonus points if you share on social media and tag Turing!

Next Steps

Are you in love with coding? Here are some next steps you may want to take:

Want to do a little more exploration before taking the next step toward a career change? Here are some great places to start:

  • Attend another Try Coding workshop. We have a very special event coming up called Code with Joan. It’s a safe space designed for women+ to explore the world of coding in an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Get more exposure and gain comfort with the syntax by working through one of Codecademy’s free tutorials.

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